Budget and Contracting

Creating one budget and standardizing contract language across multiple sites speeds study start-up.

ERG’s centralized Budget and Contracting department provides one seamless consistent contact across ERG sites. Sponsors and CROs enjoy the simplicity of a single point of contact for multisite clinical research studies—and benefit from streamlined negotiations that save time and headaches, expediting study start-up.

Streamlined Financial Services

ERG budget and contract specialists work closely with sponsors and CROs to achieve the common goal of executing study contracts. Responsibilities and capabilities include:

  • Drafting investigator grants for RFPs and awarded studies based on adequate scope of work, clinical trial protocol and other clinical trial information
  • Establishing Master Service Agreements (MSAs) with sponsors and CROs
  • Developing and negotiating rate cards for MSAs as required
  • Determining potential needs for contract amendments and managing amendment execution
  • Reviewing clinical trial agreement language
  • Accurately tracking and reporting all contract related documents
  • Adhering to corporate and ethical guidelines
  • Creating and improving processes in order to reduce cycle time and improve efficiency in the contracting process


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