Diabetes results in $218 billion in medical costs and lost productivity annually.


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Nearly half of America’s adult population currently has impaired glucose metabolism. By 2050, one in three will have diabetes. Unless we do something. ERG is invested in helping stop this epidemic.

Demonstrated Expertise in Key Indications

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Diabetes mellitus without mention of complication
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Diabetes with neurological manifestations
  • Diabetes with other specified manifestations
  • Diabetes with peripheral circulatory disorders
  • Diabetes with unspecified complication

Broad Range of Diabetes Clinical Research Studies

Diabetes can trigger a cascading series of medical complications. ERG has conducted early- and late-phase studies across a broad range of diabetes-driven issues from diabetic eye disease and renal disease to diabetes-related dementia, nerve damage, and cardiac and blood pressure concerns, as well as lipid and glycemic studies.

Industry-Leading Diabetes Expertise

ERG’s multi-faceted group of expert clinicians attack diabetes research from many different angles including neurology, physical medicine, rehabilitation and amputee medicine, pain, and the psychiatry of chronic illness. Bringing both innovation and forethought to diabetes clinical research design and planning, they are thoroughly invested in ensuring that the work we do from protocol design to implementation is of superior quality.

ERG Expert Diabetes Team
Jim Aukstuolis, MD
Juan Carlos Rondon, MD
Robert Billingsley, Jr., MD
Gerald Cephas, MD
Otto Dueno, MD
Steven Folkerth, MD
Daniel Gruener, MD
George Konis, MD
Kenneth Lasseter, MD
Samuel Oberstein, MD
Thomas Reilly, MD
Hernan Salazar, MD
Sherwyn Schwartz, MD
Stephen Thein, PhD

Affiliate Diabetes Team
Paul Miller, MD

Obesity is rampant across the United States—and linked to type 2 diabetes

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Targeted Patient Recruitment

ERG has over 5,300 patients with diabetes in our current database, with profiles including: Diabetes Diagnosis, Metformin with Diagnosis, Metformin without Diagnosis, Insulin with Diagnosis, Insulin without Diagnosis, DPP-4 Inhibitors with Diagnosis, and DPP-4 Inhibitors without Diagnosis. As we screen patients, we examine liver and kidney function as well as A1C and microalbumin.


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Sherwyn Schwartz, MD

  • Principal Investigator on 1200 clinical trials
  • 225 published papers
  • 3 published books
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