By 2025, the NASH treatment market will be worth between $20-$35 billion.


sites with NASH Expertise


FibroScans® a week prescreening potential
subjects for liver fat and/or scarring

With morbid obesity on the rise, research is crucial to help mitigate long-term morbidity and mortality related to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). ERG is ready to lead the way. We have a strong history of successful clinical research trials in specialized populations; and every week we screen subjects suffering from diabetes or obesity for the presence of liver fibrosis, creating a deep pool of trial candidates.

Industry-Leading NASH Expertise

Cognizant of the growing importance of NASH clinical studies, ERG has carefully assembled a world-class team to manage these trials. Dr. Sherwin Schwartz, a board-certified endocrinologist with a distinguished 30-year career as a study investigator, author, and noted industry leader, has personally trained ERG’s site staff and ensured that our sites are properly equipped for all NASH-study needs. His expertise is equally available to sponsors for the development of protocols and other program parameters.

ERG’s Experienced NASH Team

Juan Carlos Rondon, MD
Hernan Salazar, DO
Samuel Oberstein, MD
Sherwin Schwartz, MD


We begin with a highly experienced team trained in managing complex trials in special populations, including hepatic impairment and diabetes. We utilize inhouse FibroScan® equipment as a tool to identify the best subjects to screen for NASH/NAFLD diagnostic accuracy, reducing the need for liver biopsies. If additional highly specific testing is necessary, we partner with radiology groups with extensive experience in liver biopsies and imaging facilities using Biotelemetry and the Dixon method.

ERG recruitment specialists draw from a network of providers for subject referrals

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Targeted Patient Recruitment

Diagnosing NASH is difficult, and the burden of illness is not well-understood. Traditionally, this has posed a barrier to recruitment. ERG has overcome this barrier through a host of methods, beginning with access to patient populations where obesity is rampant, and the incidence of fatty liver disease is close to 20%.

These patients are actively seeking new treatment options.

We further reach potential study recruits through our relationships with gastroenterologists, endocrinology clinics, lipid clinics, obesity clinics, imaging centers, primary care physicians with a special interest in liver, diabetes or obesity—and a range of direct-to-patient advertisement tactics.


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Sherwyn Schwartz, MD

  • Principal Investigator on 1200 clinical trials
  • 225 published papers
  • 3 published books
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