Technology should always be in the service of improved performance.

Placing our corporate infrastructure in the cloud ensures ERG has continuously available services, scalable computing power and storage, and ongoing technological improvements which provide high levels of security and regulatory compliance.

Centralized Clinical Management

By deploying a cloud-based centralized clinical management system across ERG sites, we are able to optimize operational efficiency, providing superior service to patients and sponsors alike. Customized to ERG study templates, the technology enables us to:

  • See data from all sites within a specific study on an aggregated dashboard
  • View and run reports on protocols, quality assurance metrics, budgeting and study results
  • Manage communications among principal investigators, clinical research coordinators and other site staff
  • Harness advanced recruitment techniques including mobile app referrals, Facebook integration, MailChimp integration, Mass TEXT Study alerts, and TEXT Keywords
  • Gain greater flexibility through mobile solutions

The result: Enhanced collaboration. Faster answers. Deeper insights.

Collaborative Technology for Telephone Systems

Collaborative cloud-based technology delivers in-depth metrics reporting. ERG recruiters can use this to track all patient contacts—and gain a detailed understanding of details such as the length of a call. Managers can better assess call center performance, ultimately enabling ERG both to attract more patients and to foster stronger relationships with our patients from initial point of contact through study enrollment.


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