About ERG

Medicine Moving Forward

As a dynamic independently held clinical research site company, ERG offers a deep bench of specialized expertise in more than 50 specific indications, with unparalleled capabilities in CNS studies.

Our Mission

ERG’s mission is to provide the highest quality clinical trial execution across all clinical research phases to help sponsors speed life-saving and life-enhancing therapeutics to market as quickly and safely as possible.

The Foundation: Executional Excellence

ERG was founded to help critical new therapeutics accelerate through the pipeline. We succeed via centralized centers of excellence that manage the financial and administrative aspects of clinical trials, freeing clinicians to focus on the science. As we have grown, we have made platform investments in clinical operations, quality and compliance, human capital, finance, and technology—investments that deepen the support we provide our partners.

Through this nationwide platform, we simplify budgeting and contracting negotiations. We streamline recruitment and regulatory planning. We deliver consistent quality, minimizing both noise and the placebo effect. The result: sponsors are confident in their data—and pleased to have saved both time and money in the process.

ERG provides a one-stop solution for clinical research needs

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Clinical Trial Phase
ERG Clinical Trial Phase infographic
Therapeutic Area
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Extensive Clinical Research Trial Capabilities

ERG combines industry-leading experts with specialized facilities and access to over 32 million potential patients to support sponsors at every step of the clinical research journey.

We conduct both inpatient and outpatient Phase I-IV clinical research studies. Our robust network of owned and affiliated clinical research sites includes a Phase I clinical pharmacology unit, several early-phase specialty units, a purpose-built research facility specializing in acute pain with two dedicated operating rooms, and two postoperative surgical analgesic facilities. Our centers have sophisticated pharmacy capabilities, including infusion and formulation; on-site testing capabilities such as polysomnography (PSG), quantitative electroencephalography (qEEGs) and EEGs, FibroScans®, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) sampling; and off-site supplemental services from medical imaging to ophthalmology through collaborative agreements.

Our principal investigators are renowned in their fields, with expertise developed over thousands of clinical trials and shared through hundreds of papers and posters. They are supported by highly trained staff and expert clinical raters, each certified on multiple scales used in various CNS indications.

We recruit patients from a large and growing database of people suffering from mental illness, neurological disorders, sleep disorders, addictions, diabetes, and other illnesses, as well as normal healthy volunteers who participate in trials for the advancement of medicine. ERG’s community outreach, educational programs and patient engagement activities ensure that the databases are current and constantly expanding.

Through all these paths, ERG continues to grow its capabilities and expand into indications where there are tremendous unmet medical needs in the United States and globally.