CNS Ratings


CNS Ratings, LLC has recently joined the ERG portfolio of companies. CNS Ratings is the most established rater training company in the United States, having delivered robust programs internationally to the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years. The complexity of CNS clinical trials and the demands placed upon investigators have increased significantly over the past two decades, enhancing the importance of rater reliability. While most rater training programs focus solely on ensuring inter-rater reliability across investigative sites, CNS Ratings programs also focuses on intra-rater reliability and establishing reliability across all levels of organization: within raters, between raters, across sites, and when applicable, and across studies.

CNS Ratings Highlights:

  • Global Rater Training & Certification
  • Multi-lingual Trainers
  • Centralized Screening Services
  • Tech-Enabled Surveillance
  • Monitor Training
  • Remote Rating Management Systems

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