Our Experts

Work with Industry Thought Leaders at Every Stage of Your Clinical Research Study

With so much at stake, you want the best minds focused on your clinical trial. ERG delivers, with teams of experts working on every facet.

Dr. William Martin

Drug Development/CNS

Dr. Daniel Gruener

Psychiatry/ Pain/Addiction

Dr. Sarah Atkinson

Psychiatry Adult/Pediatric

Dr. Mark Brody


Dr. Stephen Thein


Dr. Suresh Mallikarjun

Drug Development/Clin Pharm

Dr. Glen Apseloff

Abuse Liability/Clin Pharm

Dr. Steve Romano

Drug Development/CNS

Dr. David Leiman

Acute and Chronic Pain

Dr. Harold Minkowitz

Chronic Pain

Andria Chastain


Denise Roberts

Pain/NASH/General Medical

Dr. Kimberly Vanover

Drug Development/CNS

Dr. Andrew Cutler

Psychiatry/ Neurology/Addiction

Dr. Judith Dunn

Drug Development/CNS

Dr. Daniel Umbricht

Translational Medicine/CNS

Dr James Whalen


Dr. Bernadette D’Souza


Dr. Sherwyn Schwartz


Dr. Paul Michael Ramirez

Ratings Expert, Rater Training

Stacy Dilzer

Clin Pharm/Renal/Hepatic

Clay Dehn

Metabolism/NASH/Clin Pharm

Luke Kramer

Patient Advocate

Janeen Rosales

Phase 1/Special Populations

Dixie Creager

Sleep/AD/Other Neurology

Ashley Poole